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sg_bigbang's Journal

V.I.P, that's what we stand
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Big Bang

Hi people!

This is a singapore based livejournal community dedicated to our beloved Big Bang. Here, you can share informations on Big Bang (eg. their latest album, their fashion sense, performances, icons, fanfics etc). You can also sell BigBang merchandises, be it replicas or the real thing. Basically, you can post ANYTHING as long as it's related to BB.

#1- NO bashings. DO NOT criticise any community members or bb members. any members found doing this will be banned immediately.

#2- If you were to post graphics, please put them under a cut. Maximum of 3 icons and 1 header/banner outside cut.

#3- Please tag your posts

#4- Do not enlarge the words in your post. Use the default-font size

#5- Do not use bright colours for your posts. It can be quite messy and irritating. The only colour that can be used is the default colour and red(to highlight the important point) but kindly do not use red for the whole post
Tags on the left, explanations on the right.

*mod : posts made by moderators to make announcements

*requests : request for icons, music uploads, etc.

*advertisements : advertisements for other bigbang related communities or kpop comms.

*discussion general : anything general that is related to bigbang.

*discussion birthdays : you tag birthday posts using this

*discussion fan meetups : fan meetup pics or discussion will be under this

*download music : big bang music/remixes

*download video : big bang performances, etc. hardsubbed, softsubbed, un-subbed all under this.

*video MV : MVs of big bang's songs

*video concerts : concert vids

*video others : big bang on variety shows,remixes, cf,etc

*video performances : any big bang performances

*selling : selling posts

*member GD : pictures,news or anything related to G-Dragon

*member TOP : pictures,news or anything related to TOP

*member DS : pictures,news or anything related to Dae Sung

*member TY : pictures,news or anything related to Tae Yang

*member SR : pictures,news or anything related to Seungri

*member all : pictures,news or anything related to BB (use this when you have pix of all members and do not use the individual tags anymore)

*merchandises : any bb stuffs like CDs, DVDs, etc

*news and info- releases : official releases of albums, etc

*news and info- rankings : rankings of BB in radio stations, etc

*news and info- others : any other news/info related to BB

*pictures screencaps : screencaps of BB

*pictures scans : scans from mags, etc

*pictures : just any pix of BB

*graphics icons : icons

*graphics wallpapers : wallpapers

*graphics FO: Friends-only banners

*graphics headers: headers

*fanfic one-shots: one-shot fics

*fanfic chapters : multi-chapters fanfic

*fan reports : fans who went to their concerts or whatsoever (do not use to report your views on their album etc)


*intro : intro post. there should be only 2 intro posts. do not use this tag.

*polls : polls on bigbang. (eg. the channelv poll)
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